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Industrial Plastics Ltd. is a professional full-service supplier of polymer materials, engineering plastics and equipment.

The main principles of our work

Customer care. We provide our customers with a wide range of industrial plastics that are always available at the warehouse. All the materials that are presented in our showroom can be viewed and immediately purchased from the warehouse. A delivery time for special items is only 2 weeks.

Full-service. We provide our customers with such services as milling and laser cutting, chamfering, formatting of materials and preparation of parts to size. We provide customers with the delivery of materials in all regional cities of Belarus.

Transparency and business reliability. Our corporate policy is based on clarity, transparency and business security. You will always receive financial documents prepared according all the requirements, as well as all the technical and warranty documentation that you'll need.

Self-improvement and development. All our employees study and improve their skills always in order to provide qualified assistance to our customers in the process of the selection of materials. We do not just sell, we make your life comfortable.

Our goals

We are the first to create a full-service offer of industrial materials for mass production. Moreover we offer more than 500 types of plastics.

More than 70% of the largest industrial enterprises in Belarus, such as Minsk Automobile Plant, Amkodor, Atlant, Belarusian Railway, Keramin, Polotsksteklovolokno, Alutech, trust us and work with our polymer materials.

Products made of our industrial plastics are exported to 30 countries.

We selected an optimal specification and managed to organize a tent fabric and transparent film production in China. The laboratory studies showed us the absence of differences in consumer properties of the tent fabric M-Tex Pro and the transparent film M-Solar with the analogues of leading world manufacturers.

We are the exclusive dealer of our materials on the Belarusian market and we can guarantee the best conditions to you. We were the first to bring to the Belarusian market the most part of the materials that you will find in our range. That means that we hadn't been choosing suppliers between the remaining companies, we had been choosing the best companies.

Working with Industrial Plastics Ltd, you will understand what a reliable partnership, a professional approach to business and a 100% customer focus are.


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